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VA Loans for Veterans & Military Personnel

You answered the Call to Protect & Serve; NOW it's our turn to Serve You!

What is a VA Guaranteed Loan?

A VA Loan can be used to:

  • Buy a Home as a Primary Residence
  • Refinance an Existing Loan

All with 100% Financing

East Coast Capital

Why Use Your Benefits?

  • ZERO Down Payment
  • Zero Points
  • Zero Mortgage Insurance
  • Zero Pre Payment
  • Equal Opportunity for all Qualified Veterans
  • VA limits closing costs
  • Can be assumed on sale
  • Reusable
  • One time funding fee that can be included in the loan



Boot Camp Legend

  1. Thinking about Joining the Military (Pre-Approval):
    Quick profile form submit preliminary documents and schedule consulation.
  2. Review your Branch of Service Options (Find a Home):
    Assess your wants & needs, then let your realtor help you find the perfect home.
  3. Choose your Branch of Service Options (Make an Offer):
    Offer Accepted/Sign Binder, schedule inspection & send inspection report to your RE Attorney.
  4. Commit to Service (Contract):
    Review & Sign your Contract of Sale with your RE Attorney.
  5. MOS Options (Application Process):
    Gather remaining documents with completed and executed loan forms & disclosures. Recieved fully executed sales contract from seller.  The loan submitted to the processing department.
  6. Off to Boot Camp (Appraisal Report Ordered):
    Ordered within 48 hours of contract, appraisal inspection and report are completed within 5 days.
  7. Learning the Ropes/Routine (Processing):
    Receive & Reviewed; Processor updates you of outstanding conditions pending loan approval.
  8. Military Education (Appraisal Report In):
    Received & Reviewed;  Processor updates you of outstanding conditions pending loan approval.
  9. Rigorous PT Schedules (Underwriting):
    Processor submits file to underwriting department for final review & commitment letter. Commitment letter issued & sent to you and your attorney for review.
  10. Working as a Team (Title Report):
    Your attorney submits the title report to the bank attorney for review and clearance.
  11. Weapons Training (Clear to Close):
    Copy of appraisal & Mortgagee Clause provided to you to secure homeowners insurance.
  12. Endurance Training (Clear to Close):
    Submit all closing conditions noted on commitment letter for final clearance.
  13. Camaraderie (Schedule a Closing):
    You & your attorney are notified that the loan is clear to close.  A date is scheduled by the attorneys and bank.
  14. Confidence (Final Walk Thru):
    Borrower to do a final walk-through of the property to approve condition of the house prior to signing the closing documents.
  15. Graduation (Closing):
    All parties sign closing docs with the bank attorney.  Certified check instructions provided 24 hours prior.
  16. New Duty Station/New LIFE Begins HERE! (Post Closing):
    Grieve your Property Taxes and Apply for STAR (The New York State School Tax Relief Program).

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